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The Murder at Braedon Town


Strasar was apart of the society and others called them dangerous and kept telling her that she didn’t belong. She wasn’t happy about this so when she was older she took it upon themselves to make others feel her pain. There was a bunch of murders happening around town and no one knew who was behind them. Strasar was eventually caught and exiled as a punishment for their actions.   No one knows what happened to them after the exile but some say they lived a happy life and others say they continued their murderous rampage on others who dared to bully them.

Historical Basis

It’s based on an actual person but some events were twisted…slightly. There are witnesses still alive that remembers them but no one wants to admit it.


People are told about the myth when they are young and everyone believes it as a myth but a few people know it actually happened. It tends to scare the young ones occasionally but it sends the message across; “There are consequences to your actions”.

Variations & Mutation

It originally said that they were killed for what they did but decided it was too dark for the young ones so the myth changed to them being exiled out of their home town and made sure they weren’t welcome in other areas. It could also be said that it transformed because times have changed a lot since the myth began.

Cultural Reception

They don’t take well to this myth but consider it a lesson to younger ones to not exhibit that kind of behavior or they will get punished like they did. Some just ignore the myth and say that it’s not true.
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