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Sophia Nature

Soner (a.k.a. Sophia Nature) (She/Her)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

As a child she was always a kind and nice person but others don’t see that and bully her because she’s the quiet one. She isn’t that bothered by it and doesn’t say or do anything.   Although sometimes it gets on her nerves and tries to do something about it but nothing harmful. She has 2 close friends; Rakam and Crolar, who are loyal and does anything to help her. Crolar is the same age as she is and Rakam is a few years older.

Moving Out

When she was 20 she got to explore the world for herself and gained the ability to talk to people while making new friends along the way. Some rumors began to spread and others asked her about them but she didn’t care that much.   A few years passed and the rumors became more nasty and they started to mock her which got on her nerves all the time. Most of them weren’t even true. Addressing them didn’t help at all which only made things worse. One day Sophia had enough and accidentally killed someone in the process and they called her a killer which she didn’t take well.

Mental Trauma

She accidentally killed someone while trying to get back at some people. Sophia tries not to think of it and other people started to call her a killer which didn’t help her situation.   She didn’t speak about it to her friends for a few weeks before confronting them. They were surprised but helped her work through it.


Social Aptitude

She was a quiet and reserved person when she was a child but talked around her friends. Sophia got more confident to speak when she was older.
Current Status
Helping people
Presented Sex
Hazel (Human)
Long, Blonde (Human)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned (Human)

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