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The manager of the Orphanage and a guardian to the people that inhabit it. It’s not as easy as you think. Without them society wouldn’t be the same.



There’s not much they have to do to earn this job other than having to swear to look over the young and only apply to work in their area for legal reasons. In some areas it’s harder to get the job especially if it’s a crime infested area or an underdeveloped area where jobs aren’t as easy to come by.



Caretakers take care of the young until they are ready to enter the real world. They also manage the building and is the person to go to if there’s a problem. They make sure to check up on the young regularly. Well, most of them do. Some don’t follow through the rules they sweared to do which can make the living space more dangerous.

Social Status

Caretakers are considered a middle class job but people recognize it’s importance in society. In some parts of the world it’s considered a dangerous job because of the risk of being seriously injured or becoming a menace if they’re working in a lower class area.


Dangers & Hazards

Usually there’s hardly any dangers to the job but occasionally there’s a high risk of getting hurt, physically and emotionally because of the young being mean to them in any way and receive no consequences because their scared of them and don’t want to be near them. Some end up quitting because of these conditions or become worse to everyone even to educators.
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