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Bionic Technology


by TheDoctor292 on NightCafe AI
The bionic eye is only a few centimeters and is dark gray. The pupil can be a shiny light blue or green depending on the materials available. It has a sensor to detect heat signatures and one that can detect the level of light from outside to allow the user to see in the dark like normal ones do.


They are a light gray color. The bionic legs have artificial muscles and joints for it to move around. The feet are angled 45% degrees to help balance things out. It’s slightly stronger and gives the user more speed if specified.
Access & Availability
Carbon fiber base is the base material because it’s durable and lightweight and things like screws, bolts, hydraulics, batteries, tubes, and sensors.
Related Species
Discovery Date
hundred something years

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They need to be maintained every couple months which includes updating the parts if they haven’t already. They can go to a specialist or do it themselves. It’s recommended to go to someone in the early days.


It’s used for people that have been in horrific accidents and people born without certain limbs. The idea has been around since the medieval age but it’s wasn’t until a few hundred years ago for it to become actual technology.

Cover image: by Possessed Photography on Unsplash


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