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Remnants of Diaghal

1365 MT

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Taking off his turban and sitting in a lotus position, a human fighter prays at noon in the Qamenkas desert. In the city of Monteau, in Fonterre, a halfling rogue hastily waves for a horse drawn cab to take him to the newspaper office, a notebook with the latest scoop in his hand. In the Wildlands, an elf cleric grips her staff harder as she is surrounded by pale wraiths, restless and walking the earth since the Arcane Paroxysm over a millennia ago. And on the island of Pusagina, a dwarf wizard sighs and sits back down at her desk, dipping her pen in ink, and preparing to write another chapter in the history of the continents...   According to legend, a little over a millennia ago, gods still walked the surface of Diaghal. Of them, two great races; the Divinities, born of the Sky and Stars, and the Primordials, born of the Earth and Sea. They advised or ruled over many of the mortal races. Then, the Dawn War came. In the span of two years, seven gods and countless mortals were mercilessly killed. In horror at what they had done, the remaining gods created the Deific Covenant - laws that each god was required to follow. With that, they made arrangements with mortals, then left the Prime Material for the outer planes.   After the gods left, mortals truly ruled the world for the first time in their recorded history. Organized religions were formed, worshipping entire pantheons of gods instead of just one. New kingdoms and empires were founded, conquering great distances of land. Revolutionary inventions and innovations came about, and knowledge and education expanded.   Now, the Remnants of Diaghal feel the past and present in everyday life. Ghosts and undead wander the northern reaches of the Wildlands. Constructs and airships dot the land of Hjolthrum. Ancient rituals are performed deep in the forests of Zemylia. Newspapers fly off the presses in Fonterre. Old, ancient tombs lie beneath the savannas in Ahagwuena, and tall towers rise from the island of Pusagina. And within this world, adventures are to be had...