Azpal is a planet in the Ponitis System. Its indigenous sapient species are the Alpazoi.   In the fifty-first century (New Intergalactic Calendar), a supervolcano on Azpal erupted, rendering the planet uninhabitable.   The Alpazoi, with the exception of the Palonem people who were used to harsh terrains, slowly evacuated, dividing into colonies who settled on various uninhabited planets and moons, including Earth's Moon.   Prior to the evacuation, Fazar Burro created androids to aid the Alpazoi through the crisis. In the aftermath, cyborg technology was developed. These led to the eventual reclassification of all Alpazoi into three sub-species: biologicals, cyborgs and androids.   Post-Apocalyptic Azpal is an unstable and very harsh environment, but the Alpazoi hope to be able to rejuvinate their planet and return one day.
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