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Knot Board

A knot board is a wooden board of any size, which has pieces of rope attached to it. The pieces of rope are tied in all kinds of different knots and splices. These knot boards can range from something small showing off five well-known knots, to show of a wide array of exotic knots.

Usually they are made by sailors to show off their skill in marlinespike. And presented to the ship, or a shore based organisation as a gift. Sometimes knot boards are made as part of a show of skill to gain promotion.

Knot boards are also used as an educational tool, to show which knots, bends and splices exist, and in what situation they are to be used. Sometimes the boards even show the more complicated knots, in several stages of being made.

It was Jack who had started the project. He was bored. He was just making random knots and bends in a piece of rope. When he thought it would be nice to make a knot board. The next day he was breaking up an old pallet to fabricate a board.

Other crew members not wanting to be let out of the fun, added to it with more and more exotic and never seen before knots, splices, bindings, showing alternatives for beaten rope, breaded rope and steel wire.

Soon the board became too small, and smaller addditional boards were made every time when the crew came across something new.

And that's how the Red Sunrise got her knot board that almost covered a whole bulkhead in the ship.

Knot board USS Albemarle (11 june 1945) by National Museum of the US Navy, via wikimedia commons.

Cover image: by Johannes Plenio


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