Harbinger Technologies

Harbinger Technologies is a worldwide megacorporation that appears to be composed entirely of Initiates (except for the lowest ranked workers who think they work for a mundane corporation). Its very existence is a mysterious one. While it has ties with numerous similar organizations, no one seems to know any details about its upper management. Most of the documents found in their facilities refer to anyone above the rank of a manager of a local assembly plant simply as the 'Upper Management'.   HT's stated goal is the development of new technologies that straddle the fence between technology and magic. They are known for incorporating numerous arcane concepts into their goods, most of which appear to be combat-oriented. The supernatural within its ranks is so common that its very existence is under Censor's Veil. Non-Initiates finds themselves incapable of perceiving HT facilities and their products as what they truly are.   The majority of the Initiates believe Harbinger Technologies to be a particularly successful and stable cult of the Shapers, especially considering how their most expensive gear veers deeply into a realm of science fiction. Whatever they truly are, their products tend to be extremely expensive, yet also uniformly believed to be worth the cost.


Unclear. Appears to be organized alongside the national borders, with every (or, at least the major) country having its regional headquarters overseeing the facilities dealing with R&D and production, plus of course the distribution. However those regional headquarters are already considered part of the Upper Management, and thus are hard to accurately pinpoint. Orders to the regional facilities arrived through supernatural means (or through very secure internet connections).   Naturally, there has to be someone leading the entirety of Harbinger Technologies. However, despite two or three cases of the regional headquarters of the corporation being found and breached, no signs of their central leadership were found. The communication between the Regional Upper Management and Central Upper Management is identical to the one between the former and the local facilities.   Every region is further divided into several divisions. Each has its own name, but they are also referred to by colours. Examples include HR Red (Research & Development Division) and HR Black (Field Operations & Threat Elimination Division).

Public Agenda

Harbinger Technologies' stated goals appears to be the construction and sale of increasingly superior magitek equipment. Their equipment rarely finds its way into the hands of the cultists and the more human supernatural threats. But it is relatively more common among the more established (and not entirely genocidal) Initiate groups.   This suggests that the Upper Management is at the very least amenable to the long-term survival of the human species. Although not enough to not require payment for their help.   The Regional Upper Managements tend to have working relationships with the national organizations tasked with suppressing the supernatural, such as the United States Department of Eschatology. Those organizations, however, aren't allowed to take a closer look at what constitutes the highest ranks of the Upper Management.   As a result, there is always a degree of mistrust, especially as Harbinger Technologies is often rather demanding and not above having their own wetwork teams.


Harbinger Technologies has access to extremely advanced and arcane-melded technology. The result of it is its capability to field equipment that is massively superior to what Non-Initiates consider to be cutting-edge technology. Primitive combat lasers, robots, cybernetic implants, and so on are commonplace among the Harbinger Technologies' personnel.   It is believed that those are achieved by HT Corporation extensive inquiries into the powers of the Shaperss. Which lets them cut some corners when it comes to the laws of physics.   The downside is that the HT abhors direct usage of magic (considering it 'unscientific' and 'dangerous'), which results in the Harbinger forces generally avoiding direct spellcasting. And the corporation lacks products that support it. This is a weakness that is often exploited by its opponents.


The source and origin of Harbinger Technologies are unknown, it is however believed that the company existed in some form at least since the end of the Second World War. Certain sources indicate that it was born through a merger of a handful of lesser US industrial companies that have obtained access to the Axis' occult knowledge through unknown means, although this is something that any involved groups is actively denying.   Understandable, because this theory also suggests that an unknown number of Nazi scientists and occultists become the founding element of Harbinger Technologies. What is known for certain is that the rising HT gained a lot from Operation Paperclip.   Harbinger Technologies expanded rapidly, taking advantage of many helpful deals with the US Department of Eschatology during the Cold War, especially the early one. This cooperation began to break down later on (especially during the Reagan presidency) as the increasingly shady Upper Management began to be directly suspected by the DoE for being a cult and having some unknown agenda.   The HT responded by cutting their official ties with the DoE in 1995 and becoming an independent organization that deals with everyone under more or less the same conditions.


Type: Corporation
Scale:: Worldwide
Membership: Numbers Unknown
Alignment: Unknown, suspected cult of Shapers.


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