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Ancient of Denial

Ancient of Denial is a Power - one of the godlike rulers of both the Material Reality and the Elsewheres. It is unique in that according to all of the magical texts connected to its worship, it doesn't exist. A fact that doesn't stop it from exerting it influence throughout the Existence.   Ancient of Denial is considered a mostly neutral entity rather than an actively malevolent one. Its worship is actively self-destructive, although in a very unconventional way. Its worshippers, naturally, consider it a pure good (with evidence to back it up). It is also believed to have inspired a number of religions and cults of the 'mundane' world, who tend to be more beneficial than malevolent.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Due to not existing, it lacks any sort of symbolism. In fact, attempting to portray it will typically infuriate its worshippers, even when it's done through some abstract shapes.

Tenets of Faith

Ancient of Denial is a being of a manifested denial. Throughout the ages, its followers tended to recruit from various ascetics and similar fringe religious and philosophical groups, The concept of self-denial is considered extremely important to them, and not only on the field of pleasures.   Its entire philosophy is possibly best summarized through a quick explanation of its magic. Ancient of Denial spells start as magic allowing one to ignore certain things entirely - some types of attacks, certain phenomenons (like fire) or even their own injuries. The last type can go pretty far - it is not unheard of for an elder cultist of the Ancient of Denial to continue existing without issues despite missing a head, simple due to their magic allowing them to 'ignore' the biological results of that fact through weaponized self-denial.   The more advanced magic allows their caster to 'ignore' things on a deeper level. It's basically a 'negative' reality warping, in which you can't change or create things - but you can make them stop existing by simply denying their existence. Beyond that level is only a single spell, the crowning achievement of one's life as a cultist of the Ancient of Denial. A spell that makes you will yourself out of existence, finally becoming free of the ills and dangers of the world.   It is said that by the time you learn that magic, you will understand why using it is the best course of action. What's the reason? That remains unknown, for everyone who reaches that stage will immediately progress into unmaking themselves.


Type: Power
Pantheon: Ancients
Aliases: Un-God, The Unmaker, The One That Refused.
Alignment: Unknown

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Aligned Spells

Lore of Denial

Denial of Presence
Denial of Change


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