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Iltec the Illustrius (Il-tec)

Iltec, your friendly neighborhood magic shop-keep. Previously an adventurer just like many others, he has been in this world longer than many, and not much is known about the old bat. He hails from Netheril, and since gaining the knowledge of magic has spent his days learning as much as he could. This lead him to some astounding discoveries and seeing the turning of the age many a time.   He has strong ties with the adventuring guild, yet not many know how strong this association is. What is known is that every top guild member both looks up to and has a deep respect for him. Rumors say he mentored the previous group of Jade-class adventurers, but was also responsible for their demise. Due to his long-standing reputation with the guild, it's common for adventurers to meet him at some point, but woe unto those who get on his bad side.   He fears nothing (or so it seems) and few, if any, have ever seen his demeanor change. Most know him to always be the happy energetic Iltec that everyone knows and loves. As such he is seen as a reliable and dependable pillar of the Guild that knows each guild-head personally, some even saying he was the one who hand-picked them, explaining the guilds strong trust in him. No one alive has seen him fight, as its a very rare occurrence, though tales have been written about his feats as if they're something to behold.   The Gnome owns everything and owns it all in surplus it seems. There doesn't seem to be a single magic item that he doesn't have or can't get his hands on. Actually, most of the items he sells are items he has created himself, making him an integral part of the economies of many cities within the Forgotten Realms.

Energetic, All knowing, deadly

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Mar 22, 2022 08:33 by Mikael Jokela

Iltec seems like an interesting character, although you currently have him as part of "The Tavern Challenge", which I think was not intentional?