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Travel isnt always easy, often it takes longer than expected. How long? Lets figure it out!    

How it works

  First, meassure the distance you want to travel and see how long it would usualy take you. At a normal pace you can travel 24 miles per day, at a fast pace you cat travel up to 30, at a slow pace just 18. For every 5 days of travel, roll a d20, and see how much longer (or shorter) your travel time is. Once you rolled for every 5 days and the remaining numer of days is 3 or above, roll an aditional d20.  So 1 or 2 days dont require a roll, anything between 3 and 7 will require one roll, 8 to 12 will reqire 2 and so on.   Heres how your travel time changes:
  • 1: plus 2d4 days
  • 2-5: plus 1d4 days
  • 6-9: plus 1 day
  • 10-14: travel will take exactly as long as expected
  • 15-19: minus 1 day
  • >20: minus 2 days


  Depending on your character, and the situation, you may get a modifier for this roll.    Some exapmles for a +2 mod are:
  • your character knows this area very well (e.g. because they lived there for along time) 
  • your character has a feature regating to being good at wilderness travel (e.g. being a ranger, outlander background, etc)
  • the route a well established trade route with well maintained streets
  • they have tools to help then (e.g. map and compass, if they are proficient in nagigators tools, or a magig item/spell to guide them)
  •   Examples for a -2 mod are:
  • you're traveling through complete wilderness or difficult terrain
  • the area is completly unfamiliar to the character and/or they have no experience in nagivation
  • specific circumsatnces such as the current season
  • circumstancaes such as travelig trough enemy territory
  •   Multiple modifiers can stack, up to +/- 4.  

    Why? (optional)

      Wanna know why it took longer? you may use this table for ideas:  
    • 1: maps were inacurate
    • 2: roads/terrain was worse than anticapated
    • 3: bad weather
    • 4: hostile creatures forced you to move slowly
    • 5: hostile peopleforced you to move slowly
    • 6: you simply got lost
    • 7: your planed route was blocked, you needed to make a detour
    • 8: due to an acident or similar, a charcter coundnt move as fast due to a physical issue 
    • 9: due to an acident or similar, a charcter coundnt move as fast due to a psycolocical/mental issue
    • 10: issues with your equippment

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