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Precinct Six

Large warehouses, major thoroughfares, and nondescript worker tenements make the utilitarian Precinct Six a hub of activity for shipping, storage, and other mercantile concerns in the Tenth District. Wide cobblestone streets allow for the passage of beasts and constructs that transport raw goods from points beyond the Tenth and for the shipping of manufactured materials back to those locations. The demands of commerce keep the area constantly active, and the inconspicuous nature of the warehouses makes them popular as rendezvous points for all sorts of transactions, legal and illicit. At night, lurking undead and the horrors of the undercity, coming up from Deadbridge Chasm, keep wary citizens indoors, while a few people who deal in sinister magic seek the monsters out for nefarious purposes.

People who live in this working-class precinct are often practical-minded and thus tolerant of some degree of illicit activity. Being a good neighbor means keeping to yourself, unless you live in the Smelting Quarter, where the atmosphere is much more raucous.

Affiliated Guilds

The Orzhov Syndicate owns many of the warehouses in the precinct and controls much of the commerce around Tin Street. Members of the Golgari Swarm often crawl around the edges of Deadbridge Chasm, which is an opening to their sprawling subterranean network. The Boros Legion rents many of the warehouses to store manufactured goods from the Smelting Quarter, and Kamen Fortress houses a garrison to protect Boros interests. The Cult of Rakdos operates a number of pain clubs throughout the precinct, especially around Tin Street, and Rakdos street performances are more common in Precinct Six than anywhere else in the Tenth District.

Neighborhoods and Landmarks

Precinct Six is home to many working-class folk, most packed into modest apartments near their place of work. It’s also home to more than its share of monsters, most of which are active at night.

Smelting Quarter

The heart of the manufacturing industry in the Tenth District is at the north end of the precinct. The Smelting Quarter is smoky, hot, and filled with activity day and night. Goblins often make their homes near the factories on Foundry Street, preferring the constant activity to sleepier neighborhoods. Standing south and east of the quarter, Kamen Fortress is a Boros garrison dedicated to keeping watch on Rakdos activity. Clashes between the Boros Legion, the goblins, and the Cult of Rakdos are common throughout this part of the precinct.

Gore House

A Rakdos club called the Gore House, run by a viashino (lizardfolk) named Nyoser, occupies a defunct factory in the south end of the Smelting Quarter—and also houses the main entrance to the Demon’s Vestibule, the stairway down to Rix Maadi.

Medori Park

The western part of the precinct, Medori Park, is named after an Orzhov pontiff who converted a city park into a warehouse lot many years ago. This neighborhood is particularly rife with undead at night, both corporeal and incorporeal. Some serve dark masters and often guard valuables, while others pursue their own evil urges. The Orzhov Syndicate owns many large warehouses here, and the Boros Legion maintains facilities to store a variety of equipment used by their soldiers, including valuable weapons and armor. The most important facilities are heavily guarded—often by angels, whether Boros or Orzhov.

Deathbridge Chasm

A gaping opening in the ground dominates the precinct and is lined with mossy stairs and fungal blooms. Deadbridge Chasm serves as an entrance to the Golgari’s undercity realm and their guildhall, Korozda. The area smells of decomposition, an odor that grows particularly intense on hot days. Many kraul make their homes in the walls that line the cavernous descent, and Devkarin elves come up to the surface through this passage to trade on Tin Street.


The neighborhood of Wayport rises like a pillar from the midst of Deadbridge Chasm, and a number of bridges, large and small, connect it to the surrounding city of multiple vertical levels. Many goods traded with other districts are funneled along Tin Street, often pausing in Wayport’s warehouses along the way. But only the wealthiest merchants can afford storage space here.

Benzer's Bridge

This wide bridge is a main thoroughfare for cargo traveling to and from districts beyond the Tenth. A small market is located here, complete with shops and restaurants, all of which close after dark. Secret pain clubs, hidden below the market in dark rooms inside the bridge itself, come alive after sunset.

Goods and Services

Trade goods can easily be acquired in Precinct Six, along with manufactured items such as artisan’s tools. Weapons, armor, and mounts are rarely on sale here. Fences deal in stolen and otherwise illicit goods. On Tin Street, which runs along the eastern side of the precinct, most anything can be had for the right price. Meals and lodging of poor to modest quality meet the needs of the laborers, dock hands, and street performers of Precinct Six for a price they can afford. The wealthy are viewed as outsiders, and the truly impoverished are generally shunned.

At the DM’s discretion, adventurers who maintain a lifestyle less expensive than poor or more expensive than modest could have disadvantage on Charisma checks when interacting with residents of Precinct Six.

Law and Crime

The folk of Precinct Six are pragmatic, not overly concerned with the welfare of others, and thus often willing to disregard minor crimes. Arresters from the Azorius Senate can often be found on patrol in and around the warehouses. Soldiers from the Boros Legion are common near the warehouses and in the Smelting Quarter. The typical response time to a reported crime in these areas is 2d10 minutes, and the squad consists of two Boros soldiers. At night or in the Smelting Quarter, a response to an attack might instead consist of 1d4 Boros soldiers led by a sergeant (use the knight stat block in the Monster Manual).

Precinct Six is a hotbed for illicit activity, particularly organized crime. Goblin gangs haunt the Smelting Quarter, most notably a large gang that claims Foundry Street, led by a goblin named Krenko. Vicious turf wars sometimes erupt in that area. Violent crimes occur with regularity all over the precinct, with most of the bodies ending up in Deadbridge Chasm. Night-lurking monsters are a particular problem in the precinct as well, often attacking and disappearing before help can arrive.

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