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Ravnica, a city to span the entire world. Or, well, this specific plane of existence. Massive and sprawling and full of life, things can get a bit hectic. Over 10,000 years ago a pact was struck by ten warring guilds of the plane, a treaty of such to help keep the world in balance. But 10,000 years is a long time and now corruption is the name of the game. The world has been spliced into districts, and spliced even farther within those. But the hub of the world, the main stage for the guilds' acts, lies in the Tenth District. After the breakage of the treaty, and a series of events many citizens do not truly grasp, the Living Guildpact goes AWOL, leaving a newer organization, The Office of the Guildpact, to try to maintain the chaos in his absence. Ten Guilds keep their secrets and plots, while the everyday citizen is none the wiser. Power seeps from the very core of the plane, and many seek to use it for themselves. Only a few virtuous, or perhaps just money hungry, heroes step forth when they see fit, and its hard to say where the biggest threat arises from. Are the guilds at the heart of the new threat, or is something else lurking about the Undercity....

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Ravnica 5e

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A world city's dark underbelly brews with growing corruption...but who is behind it?

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