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Making a Character

And Other Useful Tables

If you're here it's because Rae sent you a link and you finally decided to witness her hours of hardwork and make a character for an adventure. Everything is almost exactly the same in Ravnica as in other D&D5e settings, except for the guilds. Ravnica also introduces some new races, alters the dark elf a teensy bit, and tacks on two new subclasses, for cleric and druid. There are suggestions per guild at what sort of character you might play but honestly go wild with it. And if a race you want to play isn't listed? I don't really care either way if you want to be a lizardfolk, a tabaxi, whatever. We can come up with a suitable reason your character exists here no problem.  

As far as making a character goes, pick yourself a race, a class, and then instead of a background you pick a guild! Unless you want to be guildless, then go about as normal with your PHB. The table of contents has sections of Player Races, Guilds, and the two new subclasses Order Domain (Cleric Subclass) and Circle of Spores (Druidic subclass). If you want suggestions on what guild suits your subclass let me know because the Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica has some tables about it.


Alright so, currency I'm not suuuuper worried 'bout because it sounds like a pain to keep track of but in Ravnica they use "zibs" and "zinos" which down below is a handy dandy table to help you out. As well, some coins are 'minted' by a guild, but all in all Ravnicans use the same currency across the plane.

Currency: Zibs & Zinos

This book uses standard D&D coinage, as detailed in the Player's Handbook, but in Ravnica, citizens refer to their money as zibs and zinos, with 100 zibs to 1 zino. There is no central mint, as coins are created by the Azorius, the Boros, and the Orzhov. The Ravnica Currency table summarizes the various guilds' coinage and its value.

1 cpcopper zib--
25 cpsilver 25-zib coin--
1 epelectrum 50-zib coin--
1gpgold zinogold zino-
5gp-gold 5-zino coin-
1 pp--platinum 10-zino coin
10 pp--platinum 100-zino coin


Dozens of languages can be heard in any of Ravnica's marketplaces, and every tongue has dialects and regional variations. In order for the guilds to function, the Common language is essential. But other languages remain widely used in homes and clan gatherings.

A few secret or exotic languages are used on Ravnica as well. Druidic exists and allows a secret communication among druids in different guilds, such as Selesnya and Golgari, but such communication is rare. Thieves' cant is widely used among street gangs and occasionally among rogues in House Dimir and the Golgari Swarm.


LanguageTypical SpeakersScript
AbyssalDemons, devilsInfernal
GiantOgres, giantsMinotaur
SylvanCentaurs, dryadsElvish

Comforts of Civilisation

A mixture of technological advancement and sophisticated magic offers amenities to the people of Ravnica that would be extraordinary to folk in most D&D worlds, except one like Eberron. The nicer neighborhoods of the city enjoy central heating and plumbing (thanks to the work of the Izzet League), elevators, and spacious apartments. Even poorer neighborhoods boast clean and smooth roads and sturdy construction. No one needs to go hungry in Ravnica, because the Golgari Swarm provides a bare minimum of sustenance to anyone who can't afford better food, though it is best not to think too much about where the thick gruel comes from. (In practical terms, even a character who can't afford more than a wretched lifestyle doesn't need to go hungry.)  

The citizens of Ravnica enjoy plenty of leisure time, and the city offers an abundance of ways to fill it. Ravnica features restaurants with extensive collections of fine wines, caf├ęs serving coffee and tea, street vendors offering portable meals, and bakeries that sell a wide variety of breads and pastries. Travelers can stay in luxury hotels or simple hostels, or they can rely on their personal or guild-related contacts to find housing. Diversions and entertainments abound, including raucous street-side theater (including the circus-like spectacles of the Cult of Rakdos), operas and symphonies, illegal fight clubs, sporting events held in vast arenas, throwaway popular novels, and great works of literature. These things are shared by the city's diverse peoples, who enjoy a life adorned by a variety of species, gender identities, and sexual orientations.

Well-established systems undergird society, largely through the efforts of the guilds. The Azorius Senate crafts, codifies, and enforces a comprehensive (some would say oppressive) set of laws. The banks of the Orzhov Syndicate offer secure vaults and complicated financial arrangements. The Izzet League maintains the city's infrastructure, and the Golgari Swarm ensures that waste is disposed of (or recycled). House Dimir couriers deliver messages and parcels across the city, and the Simic Combine addresses issues of public health.

Ravnica lacks any large-scale agriculture operations, its citizens depending on food produced in Selesnya gardens and underground Golgari rot farms. Few parts of Ravnica could be considered wilderness; the rubblebelts, areas where the city has decayed and been reclaimed by natural forces, are the only truly wild areas.

Cosmopolitan Conveniences

Let it be noted no one by the name of Pond may purchase a clock.

Cup of coffee10 cp
Newspaper15 cp
Pendulum clock100-250 gp
Spectacles25 gp
Spyglass50-100 gp

Step By Step:
  • Pick a Race
  • Pick a Class
  • Pick a Guild, (or background if guildless.)
  • Let me Know
Also a new thing is Rank and Renown but unless someone is super interested in this aspect, it won't be a big deal.

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