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Ravnica 5e

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e) game
In the world of Ravnica

January 19th 2019

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After apprehending Krenko and handing him over to Nassius Ven, the party splits ways to return to their guilds and back to their ordinary guild life. Though they part with more questions than answers, it is not until someone comes calling for compensation that they meet again. But what has happened since those three days of adventure?

The Protagonists

Played by AmauraPond

The party is Full

Sessions List

Scheduled Sessions

Sun 14th April 2019 5:00
Session Three: Not your Auntie's Picnic

After reuniting two starcrossed lovers (and getting drunk), the four amnesiacs reconvene to search for answers, and a vial of possibly magic water?! Oh, and why's the Rakdos pal being than normal?

Sun 3rd March 2019 2:00
Session Two: Do I know you?

Two weeks have passed since Krenko was apprehended. Four confused citizens come together, for the first time. Except according to this strange woman...they know each other!

Tue 15th January 2019 6:00
Session One: Krenko's Way

The party comes together for a seemingly simple task, only they ended up deeper than any of them realize. Or remember.





  • Map of Tenth District

    The mainstage for all the action, home of all ten guild halls and the center of the world city. Split into precincts of varying style numbered 1-6.