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Lady Bellsworn

Lady Erswyn Cadornia Nytevel Bellsworn (a.k.a. Lady Bellsworn, The Gold Widow)

"Once, she looked at me, and it was as if my knees could no longer bear the weight of my sordid body. I fell to them, prone before the Lady, knowing my very skin was much too impoverished to be in her gracious and magnificent presence. But my Lady, so giving and fair, offered me salvation in the church, and I work the day so I may spend my gold to fill her coffers from my sins."

-A repentant at the Orzhov Church


Religious Views

She herself does not believe in any deity, she sees money as the true world power. But she tells no one this, and is able to spin a religious tale or make up some saint on the fly if it gets more gold in the Orzhov coffers.

Social Aptitude

She has extreme finesse when it comes to charisma. Her very beauty stops parades in their tracks, and the confident and regal air she walks draws attention in crowded streets. When she speaks, people say angels are singing.

Though many a scorned wife say it's a devil using her tongue.

Wealth & Financial state

Lady Bellsworn was born into high society, daughter of two Orzhov Priests. She married an Orzhov Pontiff, and never had to want for anything. Lord Bellsworn passed, leaving the Lady a widow. She inherited his estate and fortune, all assets, and became the collector of all his debts. She herself is a Pontiff in the Orzhov guild now, as well as an aristocrat of the Tenth District, her mansion residing within Precinct One. She is very skilled at getting new worshippers to the church and collecting money from them. Many young men of the district owe her a great debt after only a few minutes meeting. Thus earning her the nickname The Gold Widow.

Lawful Evil
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of House Bellsworn
Current Residence
Precinct One
Cold, black gaze, thick long lashes, lined in gold
Sleek black and styled, pulled tight behind her ears by golden pins and silvery pearls.
Aligned Organization
Orzhov Syndicate
Known Languages
Due to her upbringing in the aristocracy and Orzhov guild, she is fluent in Common, Elvish, Celestial, and Sylvan. Though no one is aware, she also knows Thieves Cant.

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