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Player Race

Humans are a scant majority among the peoples of Ravnica, dominating some guilds and barely represented in others. As on other worlds, they are innovators, achievers, and pioneers whose daring and adaptability make them capable of great things—and great falls.

Not one of the paruns of the ten guilds was human, although the Ghost Council of the Orzhov Syndicate is of human origin. Likewise, no current guildmaster is human. But humans are lieutenants, advisors, and strategists in many guilds. Their ambition and drive propel them toward the top, but the sheer might of beings such as ancient dragons, sphinxes, and demons keeps humans one rung down from the pinnacle of power.

The humans of Ravnica are no less physically diverse than those of other worlds. Similarly, they are varied in their inclinations: they alone are found in every guild.

Human Names

One particular human tongue has triumphed over all others to become Ravnica's Common language, and its phonemes and traditions shape the names of most of Ravnica's humans. Humans sometimes borrow names from other races, but they have a rich pool of traditional names to draw from. The use of family names seems to be a peculiarly human custom. Family names are passed down to children from either parent, and sometimes children use the family names of both their parents. For example, Micyl Savod Zunich was the son of Fonn Zunich and Jarad Vod Savo. When other races use family names, they are usually derived from some connection (not necessarily a blood tie) to a human family.

Male Human Names: Agmand, Agosto, Bell, Brev, Dars, Dobromir, Dravin, Evern, Gorev, Ivos, Janik, Juri, Lannos, Lucian, Micas, Nikos, Obez, Olrik, Osidar, Rogad, Sergiu, Sirislav, Tibor, Trigori, Tzaric, Uzric, Valen, Vennick, Vict, Vorimir, Vuliev, Zunak

Female Human Names: Anksa, Aszala, Berta, Bori, Briska, Dahlya, Geetra, Izolda, Jozica, Lavinia, Luda, Lyzolda, Milana, Miotri, Nefara, Palla, Pel, Ruba, Strava, Sulli, Vina, Voka, Zija

Family Names: Andon, Bara, Bejiri, Borca, Capobar, Forenzad, Gerava, Gharti, Golozar, Gostok, Grezar, Helsk, Javya, Karlaus, Kirescu, Koba, Kos, Macav, Migellic, Nar, Nodov, Pelerine, Pijha, Ralinu, Ringor, Rokiric, Sarv, Shonn, Suszat, Tandris, Trul, Tylver, Valenco, Vay, Vinloskarga, Wenslauv, Yaszen

Human Traits

It's difficult to generalise humans, but your character has the following traits:

Ability Score Increase: Your ability scores each increase by one

Age Humans reach adulthood in their late teens and live less than a century.

Alignment: Humans tend toward no particular alignment.

Size: Humans vaery widely in height and build, from barely 5 feet to over 6feet tall. Regardless of position in that range your size is Medium

Speed Your base walking speed is 30ft.

Languages You can speak, read, and write Common and one extra language of your choice.

Varient Human Traits

Increase only two ability scores of your choice by one, gain proficiency in a skill of your choice, gain one Feat of your choice.

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