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City of Guilds

A brief summary of the guilds within the city.

In all their fantastic diversity, the cosmopolitan citizens of Ravnica go about their daily business in bustling markets and shadowy back alleys. Shambling pack animals (mammals, reptiles, insects, and bizarre hybrids, alike) carry their loads through the streets, while untamed wild things lurk in verdant greenbelts, rubble strewn ruins, and sewers. And interwoven throughout it all, ten guilds vie for power, wealth, and influence.

Azorius Senate The Azorius Senate functions as the government of Ravnica, built on three columns of a legislative, a judicial, and an executive branch under the ledership of Isperia, the sphinx Supreme Judge.

Boros Legion. Led by the angel Aurelia, the Borors Legion persues the cause of justice, not merely law enforcement. Boros serves as Ravnica's standing army.

House Dimir House Dimir is in the business of information, operating an espionage orginisation behind a facade of messengers, investigators, and archivists. Its enigmatic leader, Lazav, wears many faces.

Golgari Swarm. And elf lich named Jared guides the Golgari Swarm's masses as they lurk in the undercirty where they process the city's waste and see to the new life that emerges from death and decay.

Gruul Clans. Raging against civilisation and its defilement of the natural world, the loose alliance of the Gruul Clans is led by the cyclops Borborygmos.

Izzet League Led by the dragon Niv-Mizzet, the Izzet league is a guild of scientists and engineers who build and sustain Ravnica's infrastructure while conducting wild experiments in magic--efforts that usually involve barely controlled elemental energy.

Orzhov Syndicate. A sinister combination of church, bank, and orginised crime syndicate, the Orzhov Syndicate is controlled by the Obzedat, a cabal of ancient spirits often called the Ghost Council.

Cult of Rakdos. The demonic Cult of Rakdos is the jester in Ravnica's culture, using satire and performance to skewer the powerful and embolden the weak. But it is a cruel and bloodthirsty jester, in the manner of its demonic leader, and it supplements parody and levity with blood and fire.

Selesnya Conclave. The Selesnya Conclave is led by Trostani, three dryads who are fused together with one another and with Mat'Selesnya, a manifestation of the soul of the world. The guild seeks to bring nature and the city into balance.

Simic Combine. Under the leadership of Prime Speaker Zegana, the biomancers of the Simic Combine apply magic to the life sciences. Striving to create a harmonius future where creatures of all kinds are perfectly adapted to their ever-changing environment, the Simic magically basten the process of evolution and adaptation of life.

Members of Ravnica's guilds typically carry guild insignia with them, though in some cases (notably House Dimir) the insignia might be carefully hidden. A replacement insignia costs 5 gp and is available only to members of the guild. Any character can use the insignia of their guild as a spellcasting focus, as described in chapter 10 of the Player's Handbook

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