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Ravnican Calendar

Ravnica's year consists of 365 days divided into 12 months.   1: Seleszeni
2: Dhazo
3: Prahz
4: Mokosh
5: Paujal
6: Cizarm
7: Tevnember
8: Golgar
9: Quaegar
10: Xivaskir
11: Griev
12: Zuun
  Climate-wise, Seleszeni is the beginning of spring.   Ravnica has a seven-day week. The days are listed below, along with their Earth equivalents.   Obzsday (Monday)
Nivsday (Tuesday)
Svogsday (Wednesday)
Azorsday (Thursday)
Rakdsay (Friday)
Razisday (Saturday)
Matsday (Sunday)

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3 Sep, 2019 12:10

I've been looking for answers regarding this for quite awhile now and was wondering if these are legitimate and found somewhere in the MtG canon

24 Sep, 2019 03:03

The months are canon, though I don't have a source link. The days of the week I made up.