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The elves of Ravnica are as much at home in the markets of Ivy Lane and the inns of Oak Street as their kin on other worlds are in ancient forests and fey castles. They scale the spires of cathedrals and meditate in gardens and greenbelts. They are part of the city, contributing to its vibrant life and sprawling growth while ensuring it never strays too far from its roots in the earth.   Elves are associated with the principles and magic of nature, growth, and stability. Striving to live in harmony with both nature and the community of Ravnica, they are drawn to guilds that share those ideals, particularly Selesnya, Golgari, and Simic. The Gruul Clans revere nature but set themselves in opposition to civilization, so they don't hold much appeal for the typical elf.   Ravnica's elves don't share the unearthly, haunting presence of their kin on other worlds, perhaps because of the extent to which the city has rubbed off on them. They can easily be mistaken for human from certain angles, particularly if their long, pointed ears and their delicate facial features aren't apparent.

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