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717 BC (Barovian Calender)

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So, my party started in Curse of Strahd 5e, but had a metagamer so I added old lore from other editions and swapped things around some. After deciding that Strahd was actually an ok guy, they all started asking if I could extend the campaign past just Barovia. So I started adding in lore teases for other domains and allowing the wizard access to the Alchemist's (of Mordent fame) old diary was a mistake. Fast forward some and Barovia's darklord is cut in half (again) with Ireena a pile of ash. Braincells aren't in plentiful supply over here. In an attempt to both make them happy by showing them around Ravenloft and teach them what a consequence is, I'm running them through the Grand Conjuction and changing the last two modules to better fit the group and the effect they've already had. This is the changed part. Spoiler warnings for Curse of Strahd 5e (since that is the base).

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