The Six Clans

Common Knowledge

Upon coming of age, every Centaur is given the choice to join one of the Six Clans. After a year under their new Clan's guidance, they undergo Clan-specific trials. Upon victory, they are given their earned titles and welcomed as a full member of the Clan. For most trials, death is the only way one can truly fail.

Clan Laws

Each Clan has specific laws and tenents that each member must follow to their last breath or be banished from the Verdant Expanse entirely. As such, Clan members hold great pride in their Clan, even under threat of death.

The Six Clans

Clan Gerthas

Magic focused, they are meant to help watch the spirits and keep the Runewards intact.

Clan Maenos

Art focused, the Maenos are believed to be the original bards in Haven.

Clan Faroth

Hunt focused, considered the elite of the Six Clans they are expert hunters and trackers. They are now primarily used to hunt down and destroy the Unfallen.

Clan Magol

Combat focused, they are expert soldiers and are often hired by other races as mercenaries.

Clan Teith

Lore focused, they are story tellers and history keepers. They lost much of their written records to the Blistered Expanse.

Clan Estel

Religion focused, the high priests and healers of the Centaurs. Their clan is slowly dwindling after their most holy of places was turned into the Death's Cradle.
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Alternative Names
The Great Clans

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Had a rough time describing this one. Its primary use is just to help organize the clans to be easier to navigate.

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