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Marbled Mastodon


Taking the appearance of the ancient elephantine creatures known to First Men, Marbled Mastodons are used by The City of Marble as both beasts of war and burden. Though their size does allow them to be great mounts, other Marbled creatures are often better suited for that roll.
As with all Marbled creatures, these Marbled Mastadons are created by the great sculptures of The City of Marble rather than born. This has caused their appearance to vary over the generations in a similar fashion as natural evolution. The primary breeds of these massive beasts are the Greater, the Seatouched, and the Speartusk.

The Breeds


Primarily used in hauling heavy materials for construction the Great Marbled Mastodon is the most common of the breeds. With a carry weight up to a tonne and a pull strength nearing 12 tonnes they have become indispensable for the architects of The City of Marble who find themselves often working with heavy marble instead of wood or lighter stone.


Specifically sculpted with taller legs and elongated trunks, the Seatouched Marbled Mastodon breed is used primarily for working along the docks of The City of Marble. This breed is slowly being replaced by a newer breed known as the Shore Marbled Mastodon.


Sculpted for war, the Speartusk Marbled Mastodon is smaller than other breeds but makes up for it in speed and maneuverability.

General Information

Average Height
Around 9 feet tall at the shoulder.
Average Weight
Averaging 16 tonnes.
Average Length
Around 11 feet from the skull to rear.


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