Bloodcoat Rune


Prized by the violent and depraved, Bloodcoat Runes cause weapons and armor enchanted with them to seemingly collect every drop of blood spilt on them. The more maining you manage with your enchanted gear the more blood and sometimes gore the weapon or armor appears to have. This enchantment is purely illusionary and naturally only used as a scare tactic. It is advised to never leave real blood on your blade as it can potentially lead to rusting.

Of Blood

Certain weapons, such as the Axe of Blood, have several of these Runes enchanted onto them to maximize the effect. An Orcish blacksmith within Seawatch has mastered the enchantment so thoroughly he can even make the blood feel wet with a sickly warmth.

General Information

Item type
Uncommon, but cheap.


Author's Notes

This was updated and expanded for Inktober 2019! Prompts:

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