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Besmar Hammer


Also known as an Enchanter's Trip Hammer, Besmar Hammers are crude autochants that function similar to trip hammers, crude powered hammers, but without the requirement of a waterwheel. Despite their efficiency, very few cities use Besmar Hammers outside of Seawatch. Efforts are being made to optimize Besmar Hammers to function for multi-purpose forging but the sigils written by the original creator, Besmar Westwind, were so badly written that it is nearly impossible to reverse enchant.


Function nearly identical to non-magical trip hammers, the hammerhead is raised by a cam and then released to fall under the force of gravity. The major difference is the sigil-work done on the cam itself to allow it to rotate without the use of hydraulic power of a waterwheel making it so that these hammers do not need to be built near a water source. Additional sigils are often put on the hammerheads themselves to increase accuracy or weight, making production even easier.


The primary function of Besmar Hammers is fabricating various articles of wrought iron, latten (an early form of brass), steel and other metals without requiring the space or infrastructure of waterwheel powered hammers.

General Information

Besmar Westwind is the original creator, but it was not until his son, Gravic Westwind, joined the Techpriest Order that the technology was well-distributed.
Fairly complex. Construction of Besmar Hammers require intricate knowledge of modern engineering and sigil-craft.

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