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This character will likely never return, I just wanted to write about them because the prompt inspired me. When I get the time and it is no longer a mad dash to finish summer camp, I will rewrite this character to fit the new canon better. I have spent way too much time already.
This article was created during Summer Camp 2021 and may contain out of date information.


Cursed to return to life no matter how many times they fall, Balaver is some form of ancient being that has transcended being the containment of realms. Mentions of the being can be scattered across every Realm. Each life brings about great change physically but the goal of Balaver is always the same -- Conquer the world, one pleasure at a time.
The following lives are from actual gameplay as the character Balaver.

First Recorded Life

Balaver believe, without a fragment of a doubt, that he is an immortal being that wanders this earth to delve into the pleasures this realm has to offer. His ability to recite stories and tales from far off, or nonexistent, lands has lead him to convince a few other people as well. Granted with beautiful features, a soothing voice, and a demanding presence there is little Balaver has wanted that he could not obtain by talking as fast as he can.
Those skilled in the magic arts may realize his true talent as a weaver of magic through song and dance he himself is completely ignorant of this believing that this is just yet another blessing granted to him by his immortal status. Any attempts to point out his magics obvious fey origins will be met with laughter at your expense.

Second Recorded Life

Now reincarnated as a female Halfling known as Balaver Songkeeper life has not much changed. Having been given direction on how to better please her ever-watching fey overseers the conquest to true divinity has begun in full throttle. Strangely the great passion Balaver once had for gaining power for herself has now been thrust in a different direction. She must save the world from itself.
In an attempt to handle the derranged halfling, a fey bound a necklace of thorns around her neck that forced her to work towards the betterment of civilzation rather than to control it.

Third Recorded Life

Now free of the literal necklace of thorns that bound her to follow the laws of good men Balaver has received a new life in an old form. The scar on her neck is a constant reminder of her deals with the fey for power. If she rubs it she can remember her very first life as if a foggy dream. Her goals of conquest have gone far beyond anything she imagined.

Current Fourth Life

Now a statue made of enchanted gold, Balaver now sits alive but trapped within a Capital of Solith. Insanity has taken place over the will the being once had as the years pass by.

General Information

Several thousands years over several hundred lives.

Cover image: by Logo by Garret Grace Lewis, edited by Oneriwien.


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