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The Dwarven Imperium of Azar

Blood, toil, and gems.


Despotic Hegemony, where every citizen is seen as a tool of the larger society. The Empire controls all, and all citizens of the realm are demanded to serve out their lives with whatever skills and trades suit them to the highest level of efficiency.

Public Agenda

Control the gems, control our world.


Massive gem and mining reserves.

Demography and Population

95% Dwarven, with the remainder being a mix of drow, duergar, saurians, kobolds, and various slaves from other races.


Many mountains and ancient dwarven territories in and around the ancestral land of Homestrand.


The government enforces strict worship of the Eidolons, particularly those identified as the Lawful gods. They are also emphasized in their importance to the society: first The Triad, followed by Shay'áthe the Wounded, followed by Heirloom of the Eiður. There are notably large amounts of citizenry that also worship The Boundary.

Agriculture & Industry

Entirely dependent on their mining for all means. With immense reserves of stone, ores, and gems, their trade with the outside world seems almost limitless in scope.

Blut, Schuften, Edelstein.

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Throne of Azar
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
The government and its citizenry are expected to trade only in platinum, as is customary in most underworld trade.
Judicial Body
The Imperial Committee exists as an extension of the royal family, arbitrating crimes and punishments.
Official State Religion
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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