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Kingdom of Hind

Located on the eastern coast of the continent of Umios , the kingdom of Hind is an extremist theocracy comprising mostly of humans with a sizable dwarven population. Founded shortly before the discovery of the new world, the young nation has nevertheless grown rapidly and has become a key player in events both in the old world and the new.   By far the smallest kingdom residing in the old world and the one with little territory of any significance in the new, the Kingdom of Hind is nevertheless a major faction on the continent of Kho'as. A society wholly dedicated to a faith and strict dogma, living in in the unforgiving arid desert climate of the south suits the children of Hind well enough.   The kingdom of Hind is ruled by an elite class of priests called cardinals, with one among their numbers holding the title of arch cardinal. Arch Cardinal Baldur Rechcigl is the current holder of the title, and has held onto leadership of Hind for an unprecedented 120 years. In total there are six cardinals including the arch cardinal, with each cardinal governing over a large swath of the country called a parish which in other countries would be called either counties or provinces. The arch cardinal always governs the parish which contains the capital and by proxy contains the great obelisk itself.


The Kingdom of Hind is governed by a priesthood of which is made up of in descending order of power:
  • The Arch Cardinal, The overall leader of the kingdom and of the religion
  • Cardinal, Powerful clergymen who control entire provinces
  • Bishop, Clergymen usually in charge of managing individual large cities
  • Priest, The most common rank found in Hind, they are responsible for maintaining churches and the spiritual needs of the masses
  • Chaplain, A rare rank bestowed upon those with a fanatical dedication to the church. These men and women are responsible for making sure the holy script of the church is followed to the letter. Usually attached to military units to attend to the spiritual needs of the men.
  • Acolyte, The lowest rank of the church hierarchy with the only known responsibility being to attend to the needs of higher ranked officials while learning as much about the holy script as possible in the hopes of rising the ranks

Public Agenda

The salvation of the believers and non believers alike.


While the Kingdom of Hind lacks the vast territory and resources of say the Empire of Rem , or the vast wealth of The Serene Republic of Xenice . It makes up for that in the dedication and outright fanaticism of its population. This fanatic devotion to not only the church, but also the state which are basically one and the same, allows the kingdom to make up for its smaller territorial power with a populace who output much more then they ought to. This not only applies to the civilian sector, but also to the military as well, with the rank and file levies battling with the ferocity that only true and unswerving faith brings.

Faith is Divinity

Founding Date
77 BCD
Geopolitical, Theocracy
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Theocratic
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Palace economy
Xenetian Silver and Gold
Legislative Body
The laws of the kingdom originate from The Holy Scripture which also form the foundation of its faith.
Judicial Body
The Arch Cardinal and his counsel enforce these rules and tenets.
Official State Religion
Official Languages

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