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Welcome to Raelvo, a world where the echoes of ancient powers and the clamor of new ambitions collide. For centuries, this realm has known little but conflict and change, its history a tumultuous saga of discovery, conquest, and uneasy truces. The recent unveiling of a new continent, Kho'as, has ignited a firestorm of intrigue and warfare among the old kingdoms, each eager to extend their dominions into these uncharted territories. Now, as a precarious peace holds sway, the voracious appetites of the most formidable nations cast long shadows over the land.   Yet, beyond the glittering courts and battle-scarred borders lies a realm of shadow and mystery. On the distant frontiers, where the wilds of Kho'as meet the ambitions of explorers and settlers alike, dark forces and ancient terrors stir amidst the chaos of civilization's reach. Here, in the burgeoning frontier, a volatile mix of old beliefs and new desires ferment, creating a crucible of potential and peril.   As corruption weaves its insidious threads through the fabric of society and whispers of a looming conflict grow louder, Raelvo stands on the brink of a new epoch. With every nation's gaze fixed on the enigmatic shores of Kho'as, the stage is set for heroes to emerge, for legends to be born, and for the age-old struggle between order and chaos to unfold. In the heart of this world, amidst the swirling mists of change and the shadows of forgotten deities, the fate of Raelvo hangs in the balance, awaiting the next chapter in its endless story.