Michael's Glasses

"I remember him being fitted for glasses, and I waned to buy a handsome pair since he was so worried about being teased. If these are here though, where is he?"   
— Gail reminiscing after finding Michael's glasses  


These were browline glasses in a dark black/brown. Not many different pairs of glasses existed in the 1950s, so when Jerry asks how she knows these specific glasses belonged to her son, she can show him the name she etched into the frame with a pair of scissors.    MBS - Michael Baxter Stone   (He was worried about losing them at school, so she marked them as his).


Finding this item means (to her) that her son (and possibly her daughter) are still out there somewhere. She's a little worried that Michael needed to give up his glasses, but she can't learn anything from the Junktown dealer. He tells her to take it up with Peggy, and Peggy goes over her notes and says it came from a deal with someone from the Vault.    This is how they find out the existence of the Vault, and Gail wants to go there and search for her children. Jerry asks why a person would give up their glasses. Peggy mentions that plenty of people did it when they were hungry and wanted food. In the case of the Vault, they might have been traded for a few nights of shelter, food, and water.    Gail and Jerry get directions from one of the Vault dwellers currently in the Service District.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
Raw materials & Components
Glass and plastic were used for these glasses.


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