"We're the true descendants of John, which means we should inherit and they should be a part of our group."   
— John's daughter, Judith


The demographics of this group are mostly Judith and her family (both blood and the one she married into).


Judy is the leader of this group and what she says goes.


There are piles of stones to throw, crude weapons made (wooden made), and walls to hide behind, but that's about it.

Industry & Trade

This settlement is barely staying afloat. For most of the day, the inhabitants keep one person at the boat (so the others don't steal anything), and they the rest try to scavenge whatever they can to survive. There is some "trade" by wandering merchants and drifters, since by cutting across this area they're on their way to Roadside Market (previous) and Junktown (now).


Not much infrastructure is at this area. There are a few other boats in the area where they've gotten items, wood, and other things from. However, there is not much trade, water, or even food in the area. (Both groups are on the edge of starving, to be honest. It's been the kindness of strangers that pass by, a small well they dug before they argued, and the items they've found in the boat, that have allowed them to survive).

Guilds and Factions

There are no guilds, but there are two factions: Judith's group and John's group.


When the bombs fell, the boat that John, Judy, and their father, John, were on was left high and dry. John, as he lay dying, said that there was something "for the future" that he had hidden in the boat. Then he said that he was going to give it to the child that... (and then he died).

Points of interest

Point of interest about Judith and Johnstown: 
  • She's the eldest child and says that their dad (John) was obviously going to give her the items needed for a better future. 
  • She doesn't trust her brother to split the items, and he (in turn) doesn't trust her to split either. 
  • It's not hatred that divides them, it's mistrust based on their actions as children and the social divide that was going occurring at the time of the bombs dropping (she was being told about how to be a "good" woman and he was being encouraged to do what he wanted). 


"Tourism" in the area consists of merchants, drifters, and scavengers, cutting across the area since it's the quickest way to the mall and the ruins of the city. These people might be kind enough to trade, but there is no real "tourism" going on.


There is no architecture, just broken boats and two groups doing their best to survive.


The area is where the lake used to stretch out to. The area is now dry, there is grass taking over the section, and even a few saplings trying to grow in the area. There is a freshwater "well" that was dug into the ground when John was still alive and before the two kids had their falling out.

Natural Resources

Not many natural resources are in the area. There's wood from a few other boats, the supplies from what was in them originally, but there are mostly birds in the area trying to eat the insects that are in these new grasslands. (There is clay in this area, but most people are ignoring it in favor of other things.)
Founding Date
April 21st 1958
Alternative Name(s)
Daughters, Liars, Schemers, True Descendents


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