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Dewdrop Gemstone

Mages and clerics are in awe of this magic filled gemstone. Jewelers and jewel crafters are enamored by its intricacies and arcane magical properties. Gemologists are astounding by the lucrative vibrant green gemstone that appeared out of the mining expeditions on Quazi Island shortly after the island's discovery over 20 years ago. It'll grant various effects based on how magic is applied to specific objects or what magical elements cooperate and combine with the Dewdrop gem. Many tests and studies have been performed and are in progress to determine its entire potential. Basically, it's a virtually untapped and seemingly endless resource for arcane magic users.


Material Characteristics

A shiny pale green gemstone. It’s as hard as a diamond but tougher to break. Specialty in gemologist has brought about a way to mine and tamper with the material. This consists of a combination of arcane power and typical mining techniques.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Has arcane magic properties and is cool to the touch.


Generally used for magical trinkets, amulets, wands, etc. also used for jewelry in small doses.

Geology & Geography

A relatively new gem found across the Quazi island. Normally mined from vastly rich deposits. Sometimes people have found them in lakes and rivers.

Origin & Source

A few main dig sites even have deposits and a few rare plants apparently shed retrievable stones. Due to the nature of the island, some magical essence or power has brought them to this earth. Not sure if this originated on the planet, another dimension, or was create by powerful arcane arts. It's possible there are more untapped areas, but seeing as there's only been about 20 years of mining around the island, a new rush for the gemstones may be coming soon.

Life & Expiration

There’s an opposing arcane energy that’s capable of neutralizing it properties and stabilizing its power, but those wielding that neutralizing power are not so stable. Generally it’s power, untampered, is stronger than other metals, diamonds, and magical items.
Range of greens; commonly pale or milky green but sometimes vibrant or darker green
Boiling / Condensation Point
Boiling point is 4,500 degrees Celsius but requires an added touch of arcane magic to maintain its energy and power
Melting / Freezing Point
It has the same melting point as a diamond -- 3,550 degrees Celsius but requires an added touch of arcane magic to maintain its energy and power
Common State

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