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Nipinoul: The Great Spine


Towering over us, watching us, just how much do they see? Are there histories hidden within those rigid, stone peaks?
— A Rektouzk trader
  Nipinoul is a mountain range near the center of the Rqet continent, separating Romtol, and Louh from the great Ytoulch Chotol rainforest— and the nation of Hanviehl. Within these snow-capped peaks live the Gokh Tribes, their precipitous height allowing the Gokh to remain mostly isolated from the rest of the world.  

Dizzying heights

Nipinoul is the tallest mountain range within Qet, its tallest peak reaching twice the height of that in its southern sister range, the Tchlnox Mountains. Kilyounklo— meaning Sky's Arm— is the tallest of these peaks, it is said that if one can reach its summit that they will be blown off by harsh winds— becoming a cloud as they are stripped from the mortal plane. As a result, few have attempted the climb— those who have, however, have found this to be no more than myth. To date, only three people have successfully made the climb— all of them among the Gokh.  
The stars are so much nearer here— I feel as if I could simply reach out, and grasp them.
— A Gokh climber

Among the stars

The Gokh reside high among the mountains, typically building their settlements along more spacious areas along the range's ridges, or on the peaks of certain mountains.   Though they will also excavate land to allow for easier construction when necessary, especially in the case of their farmland.   Great terraces line the edges of several mountains, some visible all the way from Coulchlek.
Included Organizations

Home to many

Beyond the Gokh, a variety of flora and fauna inhabit the mountains, as well— including monsters native to them, such as the Dondregh.



Among the peaks rests a strange, square, meteorite— Grondh, which has become the center of Gokh trade and religion— while providing a valuable metal.  

Qet's breath

Within the foothills lies an entrance to Tchaoxlik, under the shadow of a great crag. Sprinkled nearby are several hollow stone vents, which emit strange colored gasses periodically— their source is unknown.

The sleeping giant

Along the south lies Qeztl, a dormant volcano— one that was only active a few short decades ago when it erupted, and destroyed the Romtol city of Goch.  

The eye

A perfectly round hole has been punched through the three northernmost peaks, as if a great needle came down with all its might upon them. The Gokh see this as cursed land, and most tribes avoid the peaks at the warning of their Ghod Dath.

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I love how that opening quote makes the range so much more mysterious. It gives them a sense of wonder and makes them seem alive. It shows how people view them and its an awesome touch.   "becoming a cloud as they are stripped from the mortal plane" I love that visual. Again it sets how people view the range. I feel alot of geography articles fail to pick up on that.   A lovely geographic location. It's short and sweet, but gives all the information one would expect and need. Well done!

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