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Rollk Desert


I stumbled and fell on the loose stone beneath my feet— hitting my head as I landed, awakening me from my drunken stupor. I was alone in a vast sea of stone— many miles away from home. And yet, I was not afraid. In the rising sun's warm light, which poured from the horizon over the vast sea before me like a warm brew— I saw that the desert before me was beautiful.
— A lost Tollouchi
  In the west of Romtol, in the shadow of the prodigious Nipinoul mountain range, lies the great Rollk Desert. Few desire to set foot upon the expanse, even the cursed living forest of Rotomul does not encroach upon this dry, arid land.


Beyond the town of Kohd, there is nothing known to The Four Families of Romtol of worth within the desert— and thus, it is the sole piece of land that has never been contested throughout their history.

An Ocean of Stone

The Rollk desert is rocky, appearing as an ocean of broken dull yellow stones, peppered with shards of dull black and red. Waves rise and fall, small and scarce in the east, but as one travels west these waves roll into great stone hills until meeting with the foothills of Nipinoul.   Among these stones, one may find the occasional tuft of grass— yellowed from a lack of nutrients, if not dead. Deposits of obsidian can be found in the west, nearer Nipinoul's now-inactive peaks. At its southwestern edge within the foothills of Nipinoul, lies an entrance to Tchaoxlik— at the end of a long, winding cave.

A bridge

A single road extends from the Romtol city Mouch to the edge of the Gokh tribes territory. Here lies Kohd, a trade outpost. This is the primary point of contact for the Gokh and the foreign world. Luxuries such as the incredibly durable grondhan metal are bought and sold here. The Rocholdomn family presides over the desert— and leverages the desirability of goods from Kohd to increase taxes on merchants travelling to and from the outpost, and even outright steal their goods.

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