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The Endless

Spikefish World is an underwater magitech steampunk setting where pufferfish-like creatures cover the ocean surface with waves of Spikefish, preventing traditional ships from sailing the ocean blue, instead relying on Crawlers, massive cities that walk across the ocean floor during Spikefish season when the ocean surface is covered in Spikefish. Did I mention Spikefish also bring magic into this world by excreting magical waste which harbors bright lively underwater reefs filled with strange and mystical sea life. Also in large quantities sometimes that waste goes magically nuclear, sometimes resulting in fantastical magic and rifts to otherworldly places, but often it leads to magical cancers.
Nomadic triads of samurai-like pirates and mercenaries with a penchant for duels and a loose code of honor.  
Your definition of diplomacy is finding new ways to delay the inevitable actions you need to take.
— Endless Pirate
  From the ruins of The Flood a new force emerged, The Endless are aptly named for commanding the largest fleet in the sea, is a feudalistic nomadic criminal triad lead by 3 rival warlords. When The Flood struck many pirates, outlaws, mercenaries, and other outcasts found themselves free from the laws of the old. At first it was a chaotic mess of infighting but eventually the first warlords arose who united the outcasts, and executed the dissidents. The Endless was formed as a loose feudalistic alliance of rival city states who honor their warlord's code of honor through conquest. Despite their aggressive tendencies and the problems caused by infighting, The Endless provide a vital service as professional Leviathans hunters for hire.


We need not waste time with words, for we have an unspoken code of honor
— Endless Captain
  Members of The Endless follow 1 of 3 Warlord's combat philosophy, ideals, and code of honor and are willing to die for them, most of them anyways. Their strong code of conduct, stubbornness, and rivalry often leads to more aggressive solutions to differences in ideals. Selling their expertise to the highest bidder many Endless are willing to betray these ideals if the price is high enough.   There are always 3 warlords who act as role models for their followers and embody their ideals, often competing with each other believing conflict strengthen The Endless   The Theshers value strength and individuality, believing that the mightiest can take what they need to become stronger is the reason The Endless have military superiority.   The Makos value speed and decisive strikes, believing that being the first to take the advantage in any form is how The Endless grew to power.   The Orcas value cunning and pack tactics, believing that coordination and using numbers is the Endless's greatest asset

Culture and Society

We may be forgotten, but our deeds are eternal. Through our honor we become strong, powerful, victorious, Endless.
— Orca Warlord
  The Endless society is in a state of constant turmoil, as a loose feudalism with rival warlords, they are constantly infighting between themselves moreso than with outsiders although it's not uncommon for Endless to war with any civilization who are in their nomadic warpath. The Endless are accepting of anyone from all walks of life, often attracting outcasts who've escaped from their previous life. As such the causalities due to their aggression is offset by newcomers and all members constantly face a social and literal darwinism on a daily basis. These traits maybe troublesome to outsiders but prove invaluable for killing Leviathans, something few factions can claim on a regular basis.

Common Customs

The Endless have signature weapons upon initiation. All codes of Endless teach acceptance of all people who want to be immortalized as Endless. Often resulting in aiding the newcomer by finding personal weaponsmiths or armorsmiths to devise signature weapons for the new.  


The Endless face death on a daily basis and while they are understanding that everyone fears death, it is considered dishonorable to let that fear deter you. A signature weapon may only be given up in death, a testament to an Endless's commitment to their Code of Honor

Social Structure

Hierarchies vary depending on Endless culture but many rely on Strength as a sign of status and power. Positions of powers are loose and are only as effective as the person's ability to enforce it. Resulting in a vague and often aggressive power structure with new blood fighting the old blood to get their way.


Due to the vast and often unoccupied territories The Endless traverse they encounter many dangerous creatures, Leviathans, and ruins. Individual cultures using these prizes to become stronger and trading excess treasures for goods. As a whole not everyone can plunder these resources. So The Endless travel frequently to continue their warpath to constantly gather the necessary resources when their surroundings are insufficient to supply the fleet.


They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but a harpoon gun has a superior effective range
— Endless Cannoneer
The Endless military is large and vast, with a significant amount of their population having some form of combat experience. Many of their weaponry comes from diverse backgrounds and unique in many ways. Their assortment of warriors range from individual Divers, to ship pilots, to Crawler canoneers, Floaters operators and more.

Table of Contents

  1. Ideology
  2. Culture and Society
    1. Common Customs
    2. Taboo
    3. Social Structure
    4. Economy
  3. Military


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