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Made in the image of their goddess, the Vrolua at one time towered over all other species upon Prominence. These giants once fought the progenitors, the Eldara, and left the skin of the world transformed in the process. For this they were shepherded to their own continent and held here. Until the binding of the last Eldara, the Vrolua remained a threat. With the shepherds gone, the Vrolua found themselves free and left to their own devices. What they would do with this new found freedom would transform the world yet again. They ushered in a cultural renaissance becoming in many ways the new shepherds of Prominence.┬áBut this would not last. The giants became nearly extinct shortly after mapping out the known landmasses. The Howling destroyed their natural habitat, leaving them without the resources to continue.┬áThe first to use bide stones, the Vrolua used the wisdom of the Eldara to access a means to traverse Spindle without leaving their continent. This ancient technology has been lost to time, but the stones and the Elderage still exist. Their own records describe the giants as having dark tan skin and tightly coiled black hair. Much of their culture's history was hidden away in temple structures, like the religious complex of An-Turrim. Then they disappeared.   The Vrolua were not always known by this name. It was a name given them by the Eldara. Their ancient name, Vrasder, would be lost to time if not for the records of the Olna.     Giant sightings during the Tarnished Age are minimal to nonexistent. It is supposed that they still exist though none are willing to venture into a Vrolua cave to discover the truth for themselves. Reports and rumors of nocturnal beasts roaming the countryside of Bheid and Sunlen persist to this day. It is the opinion of many folk that the time of giants is now at its end though, regardless of the whispers in the wood.   The Vrolua left behind their dens and within them they etched into the living rock their language. During the days of the Eldara, this may have been an essential means of resistance against their angelic shepherds. Whatever the case, when the Eldara created the Abidement, the document established enough of a fervor within the Vrolua that they sought to preserve it within their own tongue. In the Tarnished Age, it is the Vrolua which are responsible for passing down the words of their rivals.

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The Vrolua are noted for having seven serpentine lower appendages and a humanoid torso. They're massive in size, towering over trees.
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