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Dewey's Decimal Drone

Walking in to a grand, yet unfamiliar library, you peer across the hundreds of shelves. You're not necessarily in a hurry, but time is precious. Two gentle taps on the brooch pinned to your jacket, and the previously lifeless bee stirs to conciousness, looking at you inquisitively.
"Local Customs and Culture, please."
The bee buzzes an affirmative and gently floats off of your jacket, hovering in front of you for a moment before buzzing again and leading you to a series of shelves with all manor of texts relating to social sciences. A moment later and the bee continues to a single shelf with a few books on local customs, history of the city, important festivals, etc.
The bee buzzes something that sounds vaguely like "Ta-daaaa!" and gently floats back to it's spot on your brooch, settling down for a long rest until another inquiry is given.


Dewey's Decimal Drone is an ornate brooch depicting a honey bee made of gold and onyx. Activating the drone requires only a couple taps and an inquiry. Upon receipt of the inquiry, the drone will buzz, and scan the environment, attuning itself to the library for a moment, and leading the user to the general location, specific shelf, or individual text depending on the detail provided in the request.
Item type
Clothing / Accessory


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