Seasonal Spots

In some seemingly random cases, people are afflicted by a coloured spots all over their skin that last till the end of the season, with the colour determined by the season that they are gained. Blue for winter, green for spring, yellow for summer and red for autumn. Each year on the same day after the first time, and again stay for a whole season. Though harmless, many consider this condition unlucky and avoid contact with the afflicted (even throughout the rest of the year) for fear of contracting the same ailment.


No known cure exists, though some 'spotters' make use of make up to hide the blemishes from the public eye. This gets quite expensive, so only the richer folk resort to this. Some of the other spotters, who cannot afford to purchase three months' worth of make up, congregate in out of the way abandoned villages to live amongst each other without judgement. The ostracization of them curiously caused them to forge stronger bonds overall.


The origin of the spots is said to be a curse brought by a Fillandren¬†woman who angered the spirits a hundred and one years ago. She was a proud and spiteful woman, and in a fit of jealousy for her husband wandering eye, poisoned all the other women in the village. When all the widowers came knocking with pitchforks and torches, and her husband fled, she burned the house down and fled to the next village herself. The day that all this happened was the first of Spring, and in retaliation the spirits afflicted her with spots for all Springs. She was shunned from all villages out of fear, and died on her own in the wilderness soon after.   Scholars agree that this is a myth, and postulate it to be a simple seasonal allergic reaction.


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