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New York City


In the bleak and desolate metropolis of New York City, a frozen wasteland blanketed in snow and ice, the wealthy cower within their towering fortresses, sheltered from the frigid air and the rampant anarchy that ravages the streets below.   The struggling middle class cling desperately to their jobs, their homes, and their loved ones, in a constant battle to survive in a city that relentlessly drains their every last penny. Meanwhile, the destitute and downtrodden are left to fend for themselves in a merciless world that seems hell-bent on crushing them underfoot, as they struggle to eke out a meager existence amidst the unforgiving cold and darkness.   Mutants are treated with suspicion and fear, something blamed for the environmental and social collapse that has befallen the city. Many mutants are forced to live in hiding or on the fringes of society, facing discrimination and violence from those who see them as a threat.   Police are no better, many of them corrupt and in the pockets of the wealthy elite, using their power to oppress and terrorize those they are meant to protect. The few honest officers remaining struggle to maintain order in a city that seems determined to tear itself apart. Yet, amidst the chaos and despair, a glimmer of hope remains. A small but determined group of rebels fights to overthrow the corrupt regime and bring justice to the oppressed masses. Will they succeed, or will the city succumb to darkness forever?


Controlled and owned by infamous organization of the illuminati, New York City is a hub of power and influence. With their tentacles reaching into every corner of society, the illuminati's grip on the city is unbreakable. Rumors abound of secret meetings in the city's many skyscrapers, where the world's elite gather to make decisions that affect the lives of millions.   In this city, the almighty dollar reigns supreme, dictating every aspect of life. Safety is a luxury reserved for the wealthy few who can afford to live in luxurious high-rise apartments, surrounded by an army of private security guards.   The streets are shrouded in an ominous haze of fear, as crime lurks in every shadow and alleyway, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting victims. To survive in this living nightmare, one must be willing to make a deal with the devil, playing the ruthless game of power through sheer grit and determination, all while hoping against hope that a job opportunity might come their way.


In the desolate and icy expanse of New York City, numerous districts boast of their idiosyncratic and forlorn cultures and attractions. Despite the vibrant energy of Times Square and the historic architecture of the West Village, a sense of despair and decay permeates the city.   Visitors may be tantalized by the prospect of exploring world-class museums, indulging in international cuisine, and gazing out from the top of the Empire State Building, but at what cost? The city's inhabitants, consumed by greed and avarice, prey upon unsuspecting tourists with deceitful and fraudulent tactics.   The streets are rife with danger, with vagrants lurking around every corner, begging for scraps. The frenzied pace of the city is unrelenting, leaving visitors exhausted and overwhelmed. It is imperative for one to prioritize self-care and take breaks, lest they succumb to the bleak and suffocating atmosphere of this urban hellscape.   The cost of living in this city is high, and many are willing to resort to deceitful and fraudulent tactics to extract as much money as possible from visitors. Every aspect of this city is fueled by money, and it's frighteningly easy to exceed your budget if you're not vigilant. The streets are not safe, with homeless individuals lurking around corners and soliciting for money.   The city's lightning-fast pace is relentless and exhausting, leaving visitors feeling drained and overwhelmed. Therefore, it is imperative to take breaks and prioritize self-care while navigating this daunting urban landscape.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Sin City, Midnight City.
Inhabitant Demonym
Majority of humans


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