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This is a conversion of the PTU 1.5 system into the genesys system.


A medieval world that is a mix of classic fantasy RPGs, Pokemon, and A Song of Ice and Fire.

You'll fight in pokemon battles against other PokeKnights, compete in tournaments, invade neighboring kingdoms, discover mysterious ruins of a lost Age, use your pokemon to fight monsters, and enter into the cutthroat battles of political intrigue.

This is the world of Prodigium.

Several centuries ago a great calamity occurred that ultimately resulted in thousands of years of history being lost. The survivors banded together and with the assistance of pokemon of the world and formed a number of Great Kingdoms, most of which still stand today.

These Great Kingdoms formed a pact that governs their world, a pact that forbids open combat using their pokemon. Instead wars are fought as grand contests, with formalized and civilized rules and laws.

You are a newly knighted Pokemon trainer known as a PokeKnight. It is your job to protect and expand your lord's influence, while upholding the ideals and duties worthy of your title.  


Adventures in Prodigium