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Three hundred years ago, the Dragon Oilleg laid waste to the greatest nation of the world - Veraxis. In a matter of days, a once verdant land became a waste, haunted and corrupted by the Dragon and its master, the Demon King Nephraedis.   The Elves of the East hardened their border through might and through magic, accepting refugees and preparing for war. They thought they could take the dragon and its King in a great battle at the foothills of Mt. Arakk - they failed.   Hundreds of thousands were lost - and the Elves and Men retreated in order to prevent swelling the Demon's ranks. A tentative peace has lasted - the Demons seeming content to keep the land they have taken. Lately, there have been more skirmishes, though the great Dragon Oilleg has not left Mt. Arakk and no one has seen Nephraedis since the raising of his keep.  


March 2021
Created Elf, Human, Halfling, Dwarf, and Dragonkin articles.
Created the World Map.
Wrote the Elenwen, Nevea, Veniset, Berellyn, and Arriset articles.
Began the Class Writeups.
Barbarian & Paths.
Created the Oilleg and Nephraedis Writeup.
Wrote the Wasting Article.
Wrote up the Knights of Elenwen.
Wrote the blurb on Elven Language requirement.
Began the Timeline for Prijeba History.
  April 2021
Wrote the Pact Article.
Wrote the village of Lara article.
Wrote up the Yeenoghu article.
Wrote up Slizard & Thorn Child statblocks.
Finished up initial monster statblocks.

Class Writeups
Barbarian Edited.
Paths of Ancestors, Beast, Totem, Tempest, Zealot, and Wild Magic finished.
Bard Created.
Tradition: Ancestor. Tradition: Creation.
Tradition: Eloquence. Tradition: Lore
Tradition: Swords. Tradition: Valor

Wrote up the Sacrisi plant article, submitted to Challenge.
Wrote up the Dragonkin Hatching article.
Wrote up the Mana Tree article.

Began writing up the beginning intro session.