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Some drunk mage must've been turning a lynx into a raccoon for whatever reason. Then, he fell asleep in the middle of the process.
— Popular theory of Racoumeon's origin
Racoumeon is a rather strange creature. While it has the general appearance of a very big racoon, its inner structure and behaviour resemble more that of a lynx. Despite normally living in dense forests, racoumeons are generally rather friendly towards humanoids and rarely attack first. They are easy to domesticate as well and thus are often used as beasts of burden, as well as pets.

Basic Information


Racoumeon features the typical appearance of the raccoon but lacks the characteristic black-and-white mask on its face. Racoumeons also have a shorter tail and longer, stronger legs compared with raccoons as opposed to lynxes. Just like raccoons, Racoumeons have dexterous front palms with sharp claws and hind feet that are longer than the front legs and can be rotated to point backwards. As a result of such body structure, Racoumeons are reasonably good at jumping and very good at climbing, even with a heavy load or down a tree headfirst.   During the summer period, the dark part of Racoumeons' short fur can vary in colour from black to red depending on the environment. However, their fur normally turns white and grows longer than usual, shredded after the winter period is over. That effect seems to be tied to the temperature rather than the amount of sun received, as Racoumeons do not change their fur when kept inside the house.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

While many racoumeons are just pets, they have several other uses as well. Due to their natural agility and size, racoumeons are used as beasts of burden when travelling through forests. They are also popular with hunters and workers who go into the Endless Forest searching for the rare resources. In addition to all that, racoumeons are famous for furiously protecting their masters with all the power of a dangerous predator.
20-30 years
Average Height
70-90 cm
Average Weight
30-50 kg
Average Length
110-170 cm

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