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Magic Condensation

The technology of magic condensation is that of strategic importance to any country featuring powerful mages in their army. While costly and hard to use, it allows to condense extractable arcane energy within certain crystals. Those crystals, called Pearls of Power, are crucial in times of war, allowing their users to quickly replenish their arcane energy at any time.
Access & Availability
Despite the whole ritual being leaked, it is still quite a secret. Only the select mages are entrusted with this strategic knowledge, usually passed on by their teacher or colleagues. However, many people try to reinvent the process from whatever knowledge can be publically found, some even claiming to have succeeded in that.
For most of the known history, only the natural Places of Power were known to contain extractable arcane energy. While it is not so hard to infuse items with spells, the energy in them could hardly be extracted in any normal way. Thus, the mages of the world were chasing over this technology for thousands of years, earning it the reputation of unreachable legend.   As it turned out, the wood elves have managed to create the required ritual and kept it secret for hundreds of years. Apparently, it was achieved by a famous wood elf called Heifir the Unorthodox. However, such a secret was hard to keep hidden. Eventually, the high elves found out the details and, in time, shared them with some of the most trusted mages from other races.

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