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Blood of the Earth

I would not want to meet a farmer with the Blood of the Earth in their garden.
The Blood of the Earth, called her for the blood-red colour, is a very unusual herb. The requirements for its growth are for the land to soak a lot of arcane energy and blood of sentient creatures. As a result, the herb can be commonly found growing on the fields of massive battles, leading to many superstitions about it.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

There are two main uses of the Blood of the Earth. Usually, the juice is squeezed from the stem and diluted in liquids. The stem is then dried and brewed, often diluted afterwards as well. However, some people grind the whole plant and then brew it or use it in bandages. While the preferred method does not seem to affect the potency of the herb much, it depends highly on the conditions the plant grew in as well as its age.   The more magic and blood there is, and the older the herb is, the more potent it would be. Up until a certain point, all it does is to dull the pain and amplify its user's emotions depending on the concentration. While mildly addictive, there are no significant long-term effects, and some soldiers often use mixtures when going into battle. However, in its more potent state, the Blood of the Earth starts to severely affect its user's mental state.   Prone to frequent outbursts of emotions, of which the negative ones are the strongest, and not able to experience such strong emotions otherwise, people become unstable and dangerous. An overdose of the potent Blood of the Earth could easily be a cause for one's death from unbearable pain or pleasure, the latter one not only not suppressed but even amplified as well.

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