Era of Rediscovery, 938 AC

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Potestatem, the world where power seeks out the people. Through righteous deeds, feats of incredible magical understanding, and the uniting of peoples under one banner, power will find you. The temple. Yes, the temple is where this all starts.   Surrounded by millions of minuscule and massive objects the world of Potestatem stretches at the equator. The belt surrounding it seen in the night scale from nearly all parts of the world. One asteroid is unlike any other. It orbits in a long ellips. Zipping through space far from Potestatem, then whips by the planet for only seventy-seven days. In those days it brings power.   The original heroes. The first to stride the whole world with their own feet. They forged a pact and built a temple in the sky. There they launched far from the planet. Soon they returned, as gods. They bestowed blessings on the rich, the powerful, kings and queens, empresses, guild masters, heroes, and villains. They left after bestowing these blessings.   The new servants of the heroes shaped the world into vast empires, kingdoms, guilds with borders, and so much more. Then the time came again, some thousands of days later. This time as they approached the planet, just a speck in the sky. They took. Flowing from their greatest vessels the people watched as those who were the greatest were sucked up into the temple far above them. Then as the time came close and began to depart they bestowed power again. New heroes and leaders had emerged. New threats stood tall. They all were given great energies.   And thus the world understood. To be loved, feared, worshiped. Through fervor and widespread worship, one will be blessed. Attaining almost god-like power will make you a god, but take you from the world to serve the real, original gods.   Scholars the world over met, some now blessed with divine intellect. Striking the first notes out on when the temple came. They watched the belt and judged other objects of importance. The temple's calendar was shaped in the scribes forge. Released to the world. All knew when the temple would come. All knew the opportunity to become power was open to all. Chaos erupts globally when this happens. Thus the world was renamed with this first great council of scholars, Potestatem, the ancient word for power.