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The realm of Portum sits in an uneasy balance of potential peace as nations the world over continue to rebuild and restore their once great kingdoms. Over a thousand years of disasters from the Vast Discordance and The Reaping have sowed destruction across the world rendering most regions hollow shells of the extravagant kingdoms they once were.   Magic in the world of Portum is rarely a natural occurrence anymore, ancient arcane artifacts are highly protected treasures of kingdoms and often the center of diplomatic negotiations. Arcane shards, minerals that are harvested from great beasts and the monsters that emerge from the Reapings, now drive the central economy for most of Portum due to their ability to fuel magical creations to include magical foci, enchanted weapons and armor, and magical tools to assist in agriculture, transportation and communications. Talented magic users are highly sought after and often hold powerful positions within kingdoms, however local town clerics and wizards are still known to be operating throughout Portum often utilizing family heirlooms as a focus for their magical talents.   You find yourself in the city of Elerin, port town and capital of Faeland in the Aumyr Confederacy, waiting to board and extravagent cruise ship known as the Tourmaline Dream on your way to the Wyvern Nights festival on Sunwatch Island. The Wyvern Nights festival is an exclusive celebration that only occurs every two years. It is rumored that amongst the music, alcohol and fireworks of the festival Aumyr's richest and most powerful gather to negotiate and scheme.