From the three attributes, eight aptitudes are formed:   Aura (Long-Term, External, Mind)
Creativity (Short-Term, Internal, Mind)
Fortitude (Long-Term, Internal, Body)
Gravitas (Long-Term, External, Body)
Knowledge (Long-Term, Internal, Mind)
Might (Short-Term, Internal, Body)
Quickness (Short-Term, External, Body)
Senses (Short-Term, External, Mind)
  Aptitudes may be further changed by various modifiers (e.g., racial bonuses or multipliers). Each aptitude's base value (before further modification) is calculated as (given Attributes in a [0-100] range:   SUM(attributes/(3*10))*(LOG2(PRODUCT(attributes))+1). This yields a base apptitude in the [0,106] range   Aptitudes do not define the abilities a character is capable of. All characters are naturally capable of learning any ability. Aptitudes rather determine how quickly the character is capable of learning and (to some extent) how far in an ability they may progress.

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