Ponderac Creation of Pondera

Since time immemorial, there was nothing but the chaos of the void. Nothing truly existed but violence, strife, and most dangerously, demons. They swarmed and devoured and spread amok throughout the cosmos, never able to be truly contained. But than came The divines. Brother and sister both. Tutella and Venichis came with armies, great feats of magic, and the power to vanquish demons forever. Alongside them came angels and magical beasts, created from Venichis own hands.

The divine and Demonic battled for ages, before the combined power of the deities locked the demons away in The Abyssal Realms. Even though the demons were locked away, the gods continued to fight, trying to bring order into the sense of chaos.

From the light of hope that empowered the world, Calpricis Aufor of the Sun was born, and as such the great flame of the sky. His light shone even brighter than that of Tutella and shone upon a vast waste of earth, water, and air. Yet he fought alongside the deities as well, not recognizing the new world.

Noticing the great power revealed however, Venichis stopped partaking in the eternal war to explore the wasteland. During this time, Tutella and Calpricis fought on their own. Tutella however looked down to the ground, and saw the creatures that began to inhabit it, the children of the world. It was than the she called back Venichis and asked him to make up a spell, requiring a gods sacrifice, to hold back the evil forces for eternity.

Venichis spent ten years creating the spell, during which time Tutella fought back the forces of hell, with Calpricis by her side. And upon completing the spell, Tutella forced it away from Venichis and gave up her eyes, to force the entirity of evil within the realm into only the The Abyssal Realms forever. The gods of the world recognized this sacrifice, and Tutella spoke to them. "I gave an eye, to ensure you never have to give your lives. Give your lives to the world to ensure there is nothing to stop creation from reaching its full potential, and you will repay my sacrifice in kind."

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