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Dante Gray

Dante Gray (a.k.a. Formerly Bitewing)

Physical Description

Body Features

Romani, muscular build, inverted-triangle body shape, abnormally pale skin

Facial Features

Square face, aquiline nose, sunken features, dark circles under eyes

Identifying Characteristics

Two faint bite scars on left side of neck

Special abilities

Can do everything a vampire can, able to use some forms of magic

Apparel & Accessories

Old costume consists of a black Kevlar-lined bodysuit with orange accents, combat boots, and weighted-knuckle gloves. The suit is marked with a stylized orange "bat wing" shape that runs across the shoulders and down to his hands, coloring the two middle fingers. Includes a utility belt and a black mask shaped like a bat.

Mental characteristics


No formal schooling


Private investigator; held various careers throughout life, including circus performer, FBI agent, soldier, and police detective

Mental Trauma

Suffers from PTSD

Personality Characteristics


Wants to kill time and relieve his boredom (and maybe help people along the way)

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Having fun, video games, pizza, strawberries and strawberry desserts, sleeping. Dislikes: Being bored, excessive violence, daylight, morning people, garlic

Virtues & Personality perks

Clever, charismatic, intelligent, friendly

Vices & Personality flaws

Cocky, apathetic, indecisive, gets bored easily

Personality Quirks

Rubs the scars on his neck when nervous or unsure of something


Contacts & Relations

  • Gretchen Gottstein - coworker
  • Nick Yao - coworker

Family Ties

  • Vergil Gray - father (deceased)
  • Beatrice Gray - mother (deceased)
  • Cleo Labouche - adopted mother (deceased)

Religious Views

Christian (Roman Catholic)

Social Aptitude

Extremely charismatic and flirtatious. Laid back and easygoing personality make him very approachable. Cocky behavior can either endear or annoy other people.

Hobbies & Pets

Collects retro games


Speaks with a prominent New Orleans accent

Current Location
Year of Birth
1828 (189 years old)
Philadelphia, PA
Current Residence
Arkham, MA
Biological Sex
Panromantic Asexual
Gender Identity
Cisgender man
Bright orange (brown as a human)
Mid-length, black, slightly curled
175 lbs.
Aligned Organization
Arcana Investigations
Known Languages
English, Romani, some Latin, German, and French

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