"Your soul is important," She murmured to him. "It reaches through your whole body and it's been made stronger by Stzozan Aerona. You have to respect that, and fear it." Andrada's fingers pulled his hair back, tightening the tie and making him wince.
"I have to fear my own soul?" Koijea asked distastefully.
"No," She shook her head. "Fear and respect your own strength. Never take it for granted, and never forget what you are capable of."



In Phantasma, souls are able to be manifested outside of one's body; this is often in the form of a physical effect, but in rare mutations, intangible effects can be observed. Souls are very physical, real things in this world, and there is a network of thin thread-like strands that reach through one's entire body, much like the nervous system. Souls can be manifested through activation, which can be done easily and naturally, like moving an arm. When activated, souls will create marks on the skin known as vahel that help to direct and focus the abilities of one's soul. Vahel are unique for each person, created for optimum release of abilities, and are the color of their alma sjal -- their soul's color.

One's soul is only so strong and it's much like a muscle; if you work it out, it can get stronger, but if you push it too hard, you can get hurt. Most people will use their soul's manifestation for small things that are inconsequential, such as helping them reach something too high, or too far away. They use it as an extension of their arms, which is the easiest thing one can do with a soul. Those who wish to do more can train vigorously at the task, stretching their soul's manifestation further and larger until someone well-trained can take on an entire army alone and win.


Alma Sjal

Souls manifest as vastly different colors. It's theorized that humans don't even have the ability to see all the colors of a soul because of our eyesight. Each color is said to have different meaning that describes one's very essence. Color meanings can change from culture to culture, but most follow a general ideal. The mixture of colors works much like a basic color wheel; these mixtures often have a combination of the base colors.


Alma Sjal

    • Red is a passionate color. This often indicates the person feels very deeply, and can be reactive and driven.
    • Yellow is an energetic color. The presence of this color indicates an outgoing person with plenty of charm.
    • Blue is a calm color. This color indicates that the person is in control of their emotions.
    • Black is a bold color. Shades of black are often an indication that the person is fearless and daring.
    • White is a distant color. This usually indicates that a person is quite solitary and detached from their own emotions, or from others.



Occasionally, mutations occur in a soul, allowing for strange abilities beyond just a physical effect on the world around them. These are called Enidia, and are most often given by Stzozan -- gods. Enidia can be any sort of ability where one can use their soul to have an effect on the world outside of their body beyond the usual physical manifestation. Some Enidia are passive, meaning that they are constantly active and cannot be turned off. This is usually a sort of sensing ability, the ability to change the state of the area around you, or an effect that the person has on others. Often exercising this ability leads to a wider range of effect, or a stronger effect. Other Enidia are active, and must be activated to be used. These tend to have more physical effects, but can be metaphysical as well. Exercising these abilities will allow for longer activation time before exhausted, a wider range, and a stronger effect. Two people can have the same Enidia, but one can be active and the other can be passive.



Souls have always been known to exist, with records from all around the world and alma sjal meanings ingrained into cultures for thousands of years. More recent studies have gone into further depth. The soul system that runs throughout the body was discovered by Aldion Vuer, a scientist with the Sonphanta. Ey found that the tiny threads that run through one's body all seem to meet at the jugular notch, knotting up together into a mass. Soon after this, other groups such as Dharr Corporation began to experiment with souls in an attempt to create a human-made Enidia. Most were met with huge failures, and those who succeeded often had little control over their creations. Dharr Corp was the first to succeed regularly.
Anatomical law


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